Northline Partners

Who We Are: Our Business Principles


We are passionate about the business of recruiting leadership to your company. When you hire North Line, you get us – partners with over 20 years of experience... each. We are involved in all aspects of the search, negotiation, reference checking, on-boarding, and candidate integration.

Partnership & Speed

We view our relationship as a partnership. As such:

  • We provide you with company-wide "off-limits" protection for the duration of our partnership. We do not narrowly define "off-limits" to only the direct reports to the person you are recruiting.
  • We do not work for your fiercest competitors – this does not make a true partnership. If we have a pre-existing relationship, you'll know it.
  • You have unrestricted access to the most qualified candidates. In the large firms, frequently, the most qualified candidates are already being presented on other assignments. In theory, these firms do not allow the same candidate to be presented on two assignments simultaneously. At times, an exception is made to allow "parallel processing." All of this means, of course, that you are either not seeing the best candidates or that you are competing for candidates with the search firm's other clients. This is a major and not readily understood issue.
  • Because of points 2 and 3 above, we are able to move quickly. Very quickly.


You will know where your assignment stands at all times and you will know what the market is telling us. This clarity will be extended to the candidates we contact in your name. They will know where they stand in the process, their calls will be returned, and they will be informed when they are no longer active candidates. Candidates will be treated with dignity.


We will respect your money. Like your internal teams would, we will research the best pricing for air travel, hotels, meals, and ground transportation. You will not see charges for anything that you have not pre-approved.

Employment & Diversity

We will hire, promote, and develop a diverse professional and support team that reflects the markets in which we work and live.